On June 29, 2024, King’s College, Budo celebrated its annual sports day, culminating in the crowning of champions from South Africa House and Grace House. The month-long competitions, commencing in early June, featured a diverse array of sports including Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Football, Golf, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Netball, Road Race, Rugby, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball, and Woodball. The pinnacle of these events was witnessed during the thrilling heats of athletics on sports day, with a colourful display of parade.

During his address, Headmaster Canon John Fred Kazibwe commended the students for successfully completing the sporting season. He emphasized the importance of resilience, attributing sports participation as a means to push oneself beyond limits. He expressed gratitude towards discipline of the students, the dedicated sports committee, supportive parents, and generous sponsors.

Guest of Honor Mr. Francis Nshekanabo echoed these sentiments in his speech, highlighting sports day as a celebration of teamwork, hard work, and fair play. He encouraged students to persevere, emphasizing that sports cultivate not only physical prowess but also character traits like discipline and resilience.

Mr. Nshekanabo’s encouragement extended to embracing every opportunity in sports as a pathway to personal growth, stating, “Life is like a game—sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” He underscored the invaluable lessons of perseverance, focus, adaptability, and mental strength gained through sports, noting their enduring impact beyond the school grounds.

He urged students to cherish the relationships forged with teammates, mentors, and trainers, recognizing them as crucial pillars of support. As a gesture of appreciation, he awarded a total of 9,000,000 UGX to be shared among all participants and an additional 1,000,000 UGX to the Parade Commander.


Congratulations to South Africa House and Grace House for their outstanding achievements. Below is a summary of the scores .



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